From an old stack of notebooks to a collection of apparel: Elsewhere Clothing Co.

Ethically sourced, sustainable and vegan apparel, designed by a carefully curated collection of designers. That is Elsewhere Clothing Co. for you. A stack of old notebooks found under Jay Reid’s bed on a boring day during lockdown made him pick up where he left off nine years ago, with him launching his first collection of apparel and accessories late August.

Jay Reid is a general manager of a craft beer bar and restaurant in East London and used his time on furlough to start Elsewhere Clothing Co.

‘What do you want to be when you grow up’ is one of those questions with answers that change throughout every single phase of your life, but for our generation, it might still be a very real question thirty and a bit years in. For Jay, the obvious ideas came to mind: “When I was little I wanted to be a rockstar or professional wrestler.” Unfortunately, that didn’t quite work out. He’s been working in the hospitality industry for 13 years and seeing him work, he is obviously passionate about it.

“I kind of fell into it when I applied for a job in marketing fresh out of uni and didn’t get it, which in hindsight was a blessing in disguise as I’d dread to think who I’d be today if I had entered a corporate world at that time. I’ve worked in all sorts of venues, bars, pubs and restaurants in hospitality across the UK, Australia and New Zealand and have always enjoyed the flexibility and freedom that comes with it. I’ve been managing bars for years now so the eventual aim has been to open up my own spot, I’d always envisioned working for myself eventually.” 

Elsewhere Clothing Co.

Elsewhere Clothing Co. is an independent clothing brand born out of, and inspired by, a love of adventure, travel and the great outdoors; with an ethos embedded in sustainability and earth awareness. “I think there’s a level of education, inspiration and awareness that comes through travel and seeing the world that you can’t get through anything else. The world really is so diverse and epic and the more I see, the more I want to see.”

“I had the idea originally for Elsewhere when living in Australia about nine years ago, after seeing some other regular people doing their own really cool things in the industry and thought I’d love to give it a go. The idea has come and gone throughout the years but during the start of lockdown I was cleaning out under my bed and discovered my notebooks full of ideas and pre planning and wondered why I’d never followed through with the idea.”

Those old notebooks gave him the drive to really make it happen. He dove into research mode, built the website, started doing the marketing for it solo, managed to create a collection of apparel on a shoestring budget and got some help and ideas from friends along the way. “I’ve developed some of the aspects of the company myself and hired external freelance designers to do some work based on my ideas. I’m learning as I go mostly with everything as I’ve had limited past experience of what it’s taken to get here. I’ve had some great chats, feedback and guidance from some awesome people around me that has helped greatly bring the idea to life.”

His first collection is launching on Saturday the 29th of August and is designed by Leeds based graphic designer Liam Ashurst. “Liam is an awesome freelance designer from Leeds whose work I’d loved personally for a while after discovering him on Instagram. I thought the work he’s created in the past would be perfect for what I wanted the brand to portray so I contacted him and he’s designed a range of pieces for the launching run of apparel that I’m so stoked with and hope everyone else is too!” 


With the love of the outdoors at the heart of Elsewhere Clothing Co., sustainability is one of Jay’s core values. Next to using all vegan materials, all items come with the option of giving back to nature: “On the website, both customers and myself can opt to plant trees and carbon neutralise orders, which is something I’m hoping to embed the brand in more. I have a few ideas for future ranges already, so if it’s all going well I’d be looking to team up with similar people or Liam again to work their magic!” 

Launch party

Elsewhere Clothing Co.’s website will be live and launched on Friday the 28th of August and will be followed by a launch event the next day. Jay will be taking his first collection to Walthamstow’s Signature Brew to celebrate the fruits of his labour and see the first people go out into the world dressed in Elsewhere apparel and accessories. “I’m super excited about showing everyone what’s been created and getting to explain the brand and ethos face to face!” 

Planning to attend the launch of Elsewhere Clothing Co.? Come to Signature Brew’s E17 brewery on Saturday the 29th of August between noon and 8 pm. Alternatively, you can find the collection online at from the 28th or check them out on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.