@closedLDN: Shoreditch through the eyes of a furloughed hospitality worker

What do you do when you’ve been furloughed by your boss or you have a job that’s impossible to do from home? It doesn’t take long to get sick of binging whatever you can find on Netflix and eventually, you will finish the internet. Ana, a furloughed waitress from Portugal, decided to do something else with her time: wander through Shoreditch and capture the empty streets and boarded up businesses on her Instagram page @closedLDN.

“Ever since I arrived in London, I have worked in hospitality, but my background is in languages and theatre. Since being furloughed I have been doing a bit of everything and nothing at all – painting, drawing, writing, taking pictures, sleeping a lot. But mainly I have been trying to keep my anxiety at bay, which hasn’t been easy, but keeping busy helps. I have always been interested in photography but have never had the time to invest in it. And, with all my other passions, other things always came first.” 

“The idea for @closedLDN came along out of genuine curiosity. I was in Portugal on holiday when the lockdown started and ended up isolating there for over a month. During that time I kept thinking of what London looked like now and when I came back I went on a walk and took my camera. I got home that day and created the page.” 

“The concept is to share scenes that we hopefully won’t be able to see again: restaurants with closed doors, no waiters, no guests, empty chairs and empty tables and wooden boards and closure signs. With that, I also wanted to show how important hospitality is to the life of the city and share some information on what each business is doing during this time or what they will do after – in a way giving visibility to the businesses as well, as many will need it once this all ends.”

“With this being such a challenging new time for everyone, I think most people will be thinking similar things. I thought different people would relate to the page, especially hospitality workers like me.”

Have a look on Ana’s Instagram and share your own pictures that capture London’s current situation with the hashtag #wearedistortion.