Distortion is an online magazine amplifying London’s hidden creative talent and supporting our city’s best independent businesses. With all of us holed up in our houses, all we can do is eat, sleep, isolate and repeat. So let’s collectively make the best of a horrible situation by staying creative.

In the past, you have probably struggled to find the time to be creative between your day job, going out, staying fit or binging tv shows because your battery is running low. Even worse, you have probably blamed yourself for not finding a gap in your calendar to create. Now is the time to make up for it.

With Distortion, we want to show your creative work to a bigger audience. This could be anything from an unpublished piece you have written, photography, illustrations, short films, music, or whatever you feel like. With everything we publish, we give proper credit to our creators: providing the reader with a bio and links to their portfolios and social media.

And a deadline? Well, we have time, don’t we?

about Distortion

Distortion is an online lifestyle magazine, amplifying London’s hidden creative talent. We are here to show you the brutally honest good, bad and ugly of our way of living, while also giving you a stage to present yourself to a wider audience. So what do we offer? Creative freedom, the chance to build your portfolio of published work, opportunities and connections and a community of creatives just like you.