This is the time and place to start a community

“I’m a creative, but right now I’m a bartender.” That was the thought that fuelled the idea to start Distortion. By giving London’s hidden creative talent a platform to present their work, we want to help them move on from their jobs in hospitality, retail, you name it, and take their first steps in the creative industries.

The current situation just made our catchphrase redundant. And speaking of redundancy… How big are the odds you’re still working in hospitality or retail?

Distortion now has a new mission: creating a strong community of creatives in the same sticky situation, while also shining a light on local independent businesses to ensure we have an industry to come back to once all of this blows over. We are planning to do this by focusing on three main things:

Your work
Are you a London based writer, photographer, filmmaker, artist, illustrator, musician or something else in the creative field, and currently not able to work because you’re in hospitality or retail? We would like to showcase your work.

Your life
Next to your own work, we would also like to encourage you to #isolateandcreate. Do you have something to say about our current way of living, how our generation is handling things, or are you bored as f*** and in need of a creative challenge? Share it!

Your London
Let’s get nostalgic about recent history and look back at our city in dreamier times. Show us what your London looked like. We want to know all about your favourite independent spots to eat and drink, the music venues and record shops you used to frequent, the local retailers you love. By supporting independent business, we want to make sure that they will get through these hard times as well.

about Distortion

Distortion is an online lifestyle magazine, amplifying London’s hidden creative talent. We are here to show you the brutally honest good, bad and ugly of our way of living, while also giving you a stage to present yourself to a wider audience. So what do we offer? Creative freedom, the chance to build your portfolio of published work, opportunities and connections and a community of creatives just like you.