“I’m a creative, but right now I’m a bartender”

Have you introduced yourself with these words too many times? Do you consider yourself a writer, journalist, photographer, filmmaker, artist, graphic designer, illustrator or something else in the creative field, but don’t know how to get started?

Many of us moved to London full of big dreams, but living here and trying to fulfil your creative ambitions is tough. If you imagined yourself finding an amazing job within months and living in a decent flat in a cool neighbourhood, think again. There’s a bigger chance you’re reading this right now sitting on your bed in a box room in the arse end of zone three or on the bus to whatever cafe, bar or restaurant agreed to pay you minimum wage for sweating your ass off. Just think of all of the people you’ve met since you moved here. You’re one of many people living this way. There’s so much talent hiding in plain sight, and it’s time for us to show the world what we’re capable of.

So how about your dreams? Next to making sure you rake in enough money to pay for the bare necessities, do you still find the time to do what you love? ‘Life happens’ is an excuse we all use from time to time to justify the vicious circle of stuckness we are in. Juggling multiple jobs, working odd hours, attempting to be creative, finding the time to get semi-pissed with whoever is off that day and either getting way too much or way too little sleep. It’s a struggle a lot of creatives experience, a lifestyle you’d sometimes wish it would come with an instruction manual. That’s where Distortion comes in.

about Distortion

Distortion is an online lifestyle magazine, amplifying London’s hidden creative talent. We are here to show you the brutally honest good, bad and ugly of our way of living, while also giving you a stage to present yourself to a wider audience. So what do we offer? Creative freedom, the chance to build your portfolio of published work, opportunities and connections and a community of creatives just like you.